CMGA Website Registration & Support

Most areas of the CMGA website are accessible to everyone, but there are a few sections that we save exclusively for current CMGA members.

Currently, this includes Minutes of CMGA Board Meetings, Financial Information, Membership Cards, and Partner Discounts.

WEBSITE Registration - Members only

Please be sure your Annual Dues are up to date before you register. Thank you.
If you need to pay your annual dues before you register, you can click here to go to the MEMBERSHIP page

1. Go to the upper right corner of the WELCOME page and click on "Join this site", then "Create New User".

2.You will create a user name and password.

3. You'll also be asked to answer a few simple questions so that we may confirm your CMGA membership. When you've completed the process, you'll get a message that your registration is being reviewed.

Within a few days, you should receive an email that your registration has been approved or if not, what the problem might be.

Once the registration is approved, you will be automatically recognized as a current CMGA member each time you enter the site. You will have access to the Members only pages as well as the entire site.