Newsletters 1999-2005

Due to the success of the Regional Conference in 1998, CMGA now had over $22,000 in its treasury and it established a scholarship fund (for a UConn Jr or Sr) and also gave $1,000 to UConn for plant research. Over 400 members realigned into districts based on the 4 training locations (Haddam, Storrs, N Haven and W Hartford). 226 people attended the 1999 Symposium. In 2000, the newsletter was named "The Laurel" and an AMG Program was announced. 2001: Although dues had been increased to $10, CMGA was still losing $4 per member dues to costs of mailing the newsletters and the directory. $5,000 was set aside to support the individual Extension Center MG Programs. In 2002, dues increased to $15 and in 2004, $17. In 2005, they were raised to $20, the current level.