Newsletters 1993-1995

In 1993, the First Symposium was held but a one hour storm delay decreased attendance to under 100. The first 2 Symposiums were held at UConn in West Hartford and attendance was limited to 200. In 1995, the Newsletter was computerized under editor Susan Munger! The Board was expanded in 1995 to inlcude more than just the Officers. By 1995, the $5 dues were no longer enough to support the mailing of the Newsletter and the Membership Directory.

Newsletters 1996-1998

In 1996, CAEMG grew to over 300 members. Regional meetings seemd to diappear; in 1997, the Association changed its name to CMGA and incorporated as a 501(c) (3) in anticipation of raising funds for the Regional Conference. CMGAbecame more focused on statewide activities. Dues finally increased in 1997 (to $10). In 1998, no Symposium was held, as we hosted the regional conference, held in Cromwell. The theme was "Sound Gardening" and a special Laurel logo with waves in the background was developed for use at the conference (see image below). 1998 also rang in the first "folded" newsletter.