Newsletters 1990-1992

The 1990s heralded many "firsts" for CMGA as it grew. Among them: the first CAEMG TShirt; the first semi-annual meeting and annual meeting;the first Symposium; computerized newsletter; name change and non profit status; hosting the regional conference; granting scholarships and supporting UConn and outreach. Here's what happened 1990-1992:

MISSING Vol 4 No 2

MISSING Vol 4 No 3


1990: UConn offered a one day course to become a Master Composter. The summer solstice bash (the first semi-annual meeting) at Edgerton Park was complete with costumes, dogs, and family members. CAEMG organized into 6 smaller groups, some with leaders.
1991: Does anyone have copies of the missing newsletters? Would you admit it if you did? Newsletters contained changes to membership directory.
1992: The focus was on news from individual districts. The first symposium was announced!