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CMGA Mission Statement

The purpose of CMGA shall be to provide means by which graduates of the Extension Master Gardener Program may:
*support the horticultural activities of Master Gardeners and Interns in providing educational outreach to the residents of Connecticut
 *support the UConn Extension Master Gardener Programs and projects
*foster communication, education, and esprit de corps among Master Gardeners, and
*engage in activities that further the purposes of the Association as defined above.

CMGA History

1978 First Connecticut Master Gardener class graduated. The classes were held in Wallingford (New Haven County), Bethel (Fairfield County), and West Hartford (Hartford County). Some of the original attendees were Marie Dube, Dorothy Cheo, Roberta Levandowski, Shirley Mitsko, Joan Lehn.

1987  CMGA was established (called The CT Association of Extension Master Gardeners or CAEMG). Forty-five people attended the first meeting, which was held in the Haddam Extension Center office. Bob McNeil was elected the first CMGA President. The first CMGA newsletter was published with Jeanne Chesanow as the editor. The first National Master Gardener Conference was held in Washington, DC with twenty Connecticut Master Gardeners in attendance. CAEMG met four times per year; dues were $5.

1990  CMGA had 197 paid members and a checking/savings account balance of $1,225. The first CMGA Symposium was held at the West Hartford campus of UConn.

1997 CMGA is incorporated in CT

1998 CMGA becomes a registered nonprofit organization with the IRS.

2000  A formal program for Advanced Master Gardener certification begins. Informal AMG programs began in the 1980s.
2008  The CMGA 15th Annual Symposium, Making Gardens By Design, held on March 29, 2008, was a great success, with a capacity audience of 400 attendees.

2009  New By-Laws were adopted. Membership for 2009 totals over 800. In addition, over 200 Master Gardener Interns were accorded associate membership.

2010 CMGA added several events and capabilities to increase its value to our members. Free group tours of the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden and the Conn College Arboretum and Campus were held for members and their guests. Email and Web site capability was enhanced to provide better communication, and we began an online survey process to understand the needs of our members. An online gardening manual was begun, with more chapters in process. Additional discount partners were added to our roster. Board meetings were held in various locations throughout the state to make the board more accessible.

2011 The first "Lifetime" members, John Neff and Marie Dube, were honored. CMGA's Facebook page was introduced and became quite active.

2012 25th Anniversary of CMGA! Lifetime Members Bob and Enid Sherman and Ellen Morse were honored.

2013 20th anniversary of CMGA Symposium! Paul Grimmeisen is awarded Lifetiem membership. CMGA joins TechSoup and Restaurant Depot to save money on technology and events and transitions its accounting to QuickBooks.