CMGA Grants and Scholarships

CMGA provides financial support to UCONN’s Master Gardener Program, to the county coordinators who administer the Master Gardener Program classes, to members of CMGA who are Certified Master Gardeners, and to MG Interns who are involved in projects that promote horticultural knowledge. CMGA has established a Grants Committee to administer this mission. In addition to grants (below), scholarship funding is provided to the UConn MG Program, which uses the funds to provide partial scholarships for each location.

NOTE: Grants must be requested BEFORE a project is undertaken; grant requests for completed projects will not be considered. Click here for Guidelines. (last updated 2017)

Who can apply for Grants?
Certified and Advanced Master Gardeners: 
Outreach projects of successful graduates of the UConn Master Gardener program will be considered for monetary grants.

Master Gardener Interns: Requests for financial assistance towards MG Intern outreach projects must include a written statement signed by the Intern’s coordinator, verifying that the project is an approved outreach activity.

Grant Applications must be received 2 weeks prior to the monthly Board meeting (held the first Tuesday of the month) for consideration at that meeting.

Your CMGA Membership Funds at work:

During 2016, provided funding assistance for the following MG outreach projects:

* Leap Gardens- New Haven
* Mercy Center- Madison
* Woodland Treasures- Bartlett Arboretum- Norwalk
* People’s Harvest- Pomfret
* New Haven Extension Office
* Lake Garda Elementary- Burlington
* Bethany Community gardens- Bethany
* Fairfield County Extension Office
* Cohen Woodland Butterfly Pollinator Garden – Colchester
* Betances STEM Magnet School- Hartford
* Bethel Extension Fair- Bethel
* Simsbury Historical Society- Simsbury
* University of St Joseph- Grass land project- Hartford

During 2015, provided funding assistance for the following MG outreach projects:

* Auer Farm- Hartford
* Bartlett Native Plant Garden
* Bethany Community Garden
* Bethel Gardening Fair
* Brookfield Giving Garden
* Cohen Woodlands Butterfly-Pollinator Garden in Colchester
* Great Path Academy Garden Club- Manchester
* Harwinton Land Trust (Bull Pond)
* Harwinton Public Library
* KidsPlay Children's Museum Habitat
* LEAP Children's Garden- New Haven
* Lee May Memorial Garden
* Lily B Haines Elementary School Garden
* Manson Youth Institution
* Medicinal Herb Garden iPark
* Mercy Center- New Haven
* Merwin Meadows Park (Invasives)
* Peoples Harvest- Pomfret
* Urban Garden (Hartford North End) (Irrigation System)
* Wilton Historical Society Herb Garden
* Woodland's Edge Garden- Bartlett Arboretum